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Stay Away From Traditional Book Publishing

If you have aspirations of writing, please click the link to read the whole article!  ~Vanessa

Stay Away From Traditional Book Publishing:

Yes, I Know That is a Dream for Many…

But it is a horrid (and I mean horrid beyond words) path for writers now in 2018.

But Dean, how can you say that? You first published with traditional publishing, right? Yes, I sold my first novel in 1987 and did my last work for them in 2008. I did 106 books (that I can remember) through traditional big-five book publishing. I am pretty convinced that even by my  math, most of that was last century.

Let me repeat that. Last century. You know, dial phones hooked to a wall with cords, no internet, no email. That century.

Yet traditional book publishing hasn’t changed in the slightest from those old dial-up days and writers still want to work with them. Stuns me.

We are almost to 2019 and times do change. I know some of you who had dreams of publishing in traditional big-five publishing have had the dream since last century when they were the only game in town. It is time to change that dream and get moving with your writing. Go buy a smart phone, in other words.

Why tonight on this topic? Because I sadly saw not one, but two comments today from writers with this old thinking. One writer was on their fifth draft and ready to send off the manuscript to an agent after working on it for six years. I wrote about 70 different books in the last six years. Another writer’s comment was that they were on their second rewrite from an agent.


So just to preach to the choir here (for the most part) and maybe make a few people angry who still have the fairy-dust dream of being anointed by a gatekeeper in a windowless office in a big corporation in New York, I thought I would just quickly list eight major reasons to avoid traditional book publishing. (Traditional short fiction publishers are great, for the most part. No issue with them. I am talking big-five book publishers.)

Stay Away From Traditional Book Publishing:

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Forcing the Help

Good advice and a good read, from a pro.  Click the link!  ~Vanessa

Forcing the Help:

Writers’ Communities…

I keep hearing over and over about how other writers force writers to do something like get a book doctor or rewrite or whatever. This advice (99.9% of the time) is coming from beginning or unpublished writers.

But these writers feel forced, like there is a gun to their head because it is their “community.”

Forcing the Help

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The Many Deaths of a Fiction Writer

Writers, this is SO worth the read.  Check it out, click the link!  ~Vanessa

The Many Deaths of a Fiction Writer:

A Sort of Look At Tombstone Markers…

I’ve been thinking about trying this post for a year or more now, but this last news about the agent ripping off 3.4 million from writers (at least) brought this back to the front. So I’m going to try it.

The idea is simple. From my position of being around for 40 years, liking to watch other writer’s careers, and editing and teaching and interacting with writers now for over thirty years, I have seen what flat kills writer’s careers.

They are always, and I repeat always, self-inflicted wounds.

And one note before I dive into this. Those of us who have survived a long time came back from the dead many times along the years. We managed to survive some of these deaths and return. Most writers don’t, which is why there are so few long-term writers compared to the millions who claim they want to be a writer and stop themselves along the way.

So staying with the metaphor of writing death, here we go.

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Controlled By Fear

Please click the link and read the whole thing!  ~Ness

Controlled By Fear:

Needing an Agent is an Irrational Fear…

I said that in a webinar today and got a couple comments later from writers who had heard it. And it dawned on me that even though needing an agent is based completely in irrational fears, most writers don’t understand that. Even though it is obvious to me.

So here I am again, trying to talk logic at a myth once again.


I could go on, but basically, there is not an aspect of a writer wanting an agent that isn’t fear based. Not one.

And there certainly is no logic to giving your gardener 15% ownership in your home for mowing your lawn.

There was a time in the industry where agents were needed. That time passed about twenty years ago. Writers need to step into this new century, grow a pair, learn their own business, and get past the fears.

You don’t need an agent in 2018.

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28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead

I have a new infographic! 

Jack, from Custom Writing shared with me an infographic he made called 28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead.  It’s very much like a visual thesaurus!  It’s great to have a tool like that, for those times when you’re reaching for a better way to say something.

To see the infographic in its full size, be sure to click the link! 


28 Boring Words and What to Use Instead