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40 Words

I found this article a few weeks back.  It was fascinating really.  How many times have you ever said, “I wish I knew what to call this feeling … “?  Well, here are some words that might help.  I know going down the list, there were a few I identified with, especially this one: Monachopsis… Continue reading 40 Words

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Commonly Misunderstood

I found a nice link about commonly misunderstood words and phrases.  It’s a great list and it really ought to go viral, based on some of the things I’ve seen around the ‘net.  It’s like people aren’t being taught basic English and grammar anymore! There’s the link below if you’d like a copy of it… Continue reading Commonly Misunderstood


Writers Character Name Generator

My daughter loves to make up stories, and she is constantly on the prowl for new and unusual names.  This name generator sometimes helps her find something, and I thought it might help you, too.  :)   This character name generator produces fictional names to use in stories. Source: Writers Character Name Generator – put… Continue reading Writers Character Name Generator



In my email notifications today. AAARRRGGGHHH! #StumbleUpon, you’re hurting my eyes!  Why did you do that?!


J. Dane Tyler | I Don’t Have Nightmares … I CREATE Them.

Read what my favorite author has been up to lately and why writing is like new for him!   Some of you know – because you follow my personal blog – that I’ve started a new book as of April 17, 2015. What those only following this blog won’t know, is I’ve done it using… Continue reading J. Dane Tyler | I Don’t Have Nightmares … I CREATE Them.